Here’s a quick reference to some of the more frequently asked questions people have about our services.  If you don’t see your questions here, please just call us to discuss your situation.

We do the best we can to accommodate same day delivery requests.  It is not always possible, but, generally, to increase your chances of same day service you should plan to order before 10am.  After that you should expect your delivery the following business day.

Yes! Each container has a weight limit as shown:

12 Yard Dumpster 5 Ton Limit
20 Yard Dumpster 5 Ton Limit
30 Yard Dumpster 5 Ton Limit
40 Yard Dumpster 5 Ton Limit

If you are working with heavy material, you will want to be aware of how much material you are loading.  Examples include dirt, rock, concrete, brick, sod, shingles or asphalt.

Overweight loads are charged $50/ton over the weight limit.

By law, we are required to tarp each load for transport, so all materials must fit INSIDE your roll-off dumpster. Nothing may overflow the top of the container. All materials that exceed the container top must be removed. We cannot pick up a container that is over-full.

The answer to this question depends on where you live.  If you are in Denver, you need to have a permit to place a dumpster in the street, and there is a time limit for leaving it there.  Some cities and counties have no permit requirements.  Please check with your local municipality for the requirements, if any, in your area.  If a permit is required, we can help you get that.

We need 60’ of empty space to place the dumpster properly and to return to pick it up or switch it.

Placing a Dumpster Demo (Live)